Friday, September 19, 2008

Organic Obsession

I am getting impatient for fall here in southern California with summer lingering on forever. My boots are waiting for cool weather and I am itching for some new accessories. When I saw these necklaces from Mctega last week, it was instant love. Organic, edgy, slightly surreal and pretty affordable for such a statement piece. “Mctega is a collaboration between scientists. Using mass production techniques of industrial chemistry on a much smaller scale, they are creating one of a kind pieces out of materials known for their ubiquity. Changing the nature of materials and applications.”

1 comment:

Project Ecoart said...

I soooo love them to. So much so that I am experimenting with the low impact epoxy I use for my Project Ecoart line.

Can't wait to really get into it once the store is done :)