Monday, September 1, 2008

A Message of Peace, Freedom & Love

Love how the numeral 2 looks as if it's scratched (look carefully, it’s subtle) on the surface overlaying the copy on Comme des Garcons limited edition CdG#2 "Silver Words" … available for pre-order at Blackbird. "Words contain meanings like a bottle holds a perfume. Both convey messages that can be interpreted and experienced in an immense variety of different ways, each of them communicates an essence, a thought, a shared experience. Messages in bottles have always signified belief and a hope for the future. Using advanced serigraphic techniques, evolved from traditional printing methods, the original Comme des Garcons 2 pebble-shaped bottle has been lacquered in black to contain silver words of peace, freedom and love in several languages. The result is a deep, matt-black colour surface holding an infinate message of hope, stamped in silver words."

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