Thursday, October 28, 2010

Circle of Skulls

By now most everyone has their Halloween decorations up and costumes all planned for a big weekend of parties. Here in West Hollywood, the city shuts down Santa Monica Blvd and hosts a huge Halloween Carnaval and parade. For me, I'd be simply happy with this fabulous Alexander McQueen Skull bracelet and maybe a Dexter-inspired bloody wall covering. Wishing you all a safe but scary Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Steamy & Modern

Every winter when it gets cold and dry I make an effort to find a humidifier that is pleasant to look at as well as functional in offering some comfort but have never been able to find one that doesn't look like a prop from a hospital room. The Middle Colors Humidifier from designer Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi is a beautiful tear-drop shaped vessel that will produce moisture and ultra-sonic steam for up to ten consecutive hours and do it in such style, I would keep this out all year long! Available in small and large sizes from the good folks over at Gizmine in a palette of colors that are delicious to the eye as well as kind to the pocketbook.