Friday, April 22, 2011

Of Moss and Bunnies

Earth Day celebrations and Easter/Passover prepping seem to be on everyone's mind this week. Tomorrow I'm decorating eggs and cookies with a friend's 4 yr old and celebrating Easter with my cousins Sunday with what undoubtedly promises to be a delicous brunch. My holiday decorations are always subtle and often humorous, so when I spotted this mossy bunny bank, I knew he'd be right at home for Easter and the rest of the year. Available from Greener Grass Design for $20 {back in stock this May 2011}. Wishing all a Happy Easter, Passover and Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

285 Sheets of Paper

As a graphic designer for all of my adult life, I pretty much feel I was born with a #11 xacto knife in my hand and I'm very handy with it. But certainly not as deft as graphic designer Taras Lesko is. In this fast-motion video he creates an anatomically correct scaled-down paper model of the new Audi 2012 A7 with 285 sheets of paper, a glue stick, tape and a xacto blade. The assembly took 245 hours and I would imagine quite a few blades and perhaps a few bandaids. If you are in New York this week, stop by the New York Auto Show where Audi will have it on display.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Festivals Abound

I’ve been too old to withstand an open-air 4 day concert in the desert for many years, so while all my young friends head out to Coachella this weekend I'll be headed to Artisanal LA in Santa Monica. Over 100 local, artisanal and handmade food vendors will gather in a vast space overlooking the bay at Santa Monica beach for a foodie extravaganza. I plan on sipping on Dry Lavender Soda and munching on handmade tiny pies and rustic chocolates. A wonderful event with expert-led panels, chef demos & speakers on craft beer, local honey, urban homesteading and much more. Ah, how times have changed :)