Friday, July 18, 2008

Watch Your Head

If you live in San Francisco, then you probably know about this 3-D mural called Defenestration on an abandoned building at the corner of 6th & Howard Streets. Created by Brian Goggin, the installation features twisted & warped furniture that looks like it has been blown out of the broken windows in the building. Says the artist, “The concept of defenestration, a word literally meaning ‘to throw out of a window,’ is embodied by both the site and staging of this installation. The site is part of a neighborhood that historically has faced economic challenge. Reflecting the harsh experience of many members of the community, the furniture is also of the streets, cast-off and unappreciated. The act of 'throwing out' becomes an uplifting gesture of release, inviting reflection on the spirit of the people we live with, the objects we encounter, and the places in which we live."

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K said...

I've always loved this building and it just gets more lovely the more it ages. Although I hear its slated for demolition once again.