Thursday, July 31, 2008

Block Party

Limited edition art comes in all forms. Years ago I acquired a copy of the special edition Talking Heads album designed by Robert Rauschenberg  and have never opened it, but it’s beautiful in it’s package. This Gravenhurst’s Nightwatchman’s Blues/Farewell, Farewell  CD is a limited edition (1300 only) and includes a handprinted, numbered, fold-out poster created by Thomas Hicks Hicks has recently completed a new stopframe animated promo for a Gravenhurst track on Nightwatchman’s Blues. In fact, each of the 1300 limited edition poster sleeves displays the handprinted artwork of one frame of the promo. “I made a series of hand block prints,” explains Hicks,” each one would be folded to make a sleeve for one of the singles. So cool, so collectible. 

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