Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slice and Dice

It’s been nearly three months since I've blogged and for that I do apologize to my faithful readers. I’ve been swamped with a whirlwind of design jobs and so many eye doctor visits, I’ve lost count. Tomorrow I will have the first of two eye surgeries and my doctor assures me I have a whole new clear vision world ahead of me. While I am hoping for a new bionic eye, all I can conjure up is this scene from Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí’s short film Un Chien Andalou. I do plan on blogging during my recovery since I have stockpiled many stories to share with you. See you all after the fog clears :)


Krysta said...

Elisa, I've been thinking about you. How was your eye surgery? Hope you're well and happy.

best wishes,

p.s. how many fingers am I holding up?

design nomad said...

Thanks so much for the good thoughts! The surgery was very successful although quite the ordeal. Anesthesia kicked my butt for 5 days, getting over the drugs they give you is way more annoying than healing up. Eyesight is better than ever before, getting used to the new lens. Next eye gets done in Sept & I've been crazy busy designing a book interior, wearing a contact in one eye & reading glasses for up-close stuff:)

Mike said...

Good luck on the next eye. Glad the first surgery went well.