Friday, April 22, 2011

Of Moss and Bunnies

Earth Day celebrations and Easter/Passover prepping seem to be on everyone's mind this week. Tomorrow I'm decorating eggs and cookies with a friend's 4 yr old and celebrating Easter with my cousins Sunday with what undoubtedly promises to be a delicous brunch. My holiday decorations are always subtle and often humorous, so when I spotted this mossy bunny bank, I knew he'd be right at home for Easter and the rest of the year. Available from Greener Grass Design for $20 {back in stock this May 2011}. Wishing all a Happy Easter, Passover and Earth Day!


Krysta said...

Elisa, hope you've been well. Came across the following silver skull spoons and thought of you:

design nomad said...

Krysta: Thanks so much for the link! I've totally neglected my poor blog for months. I've been working non-stop and also seeing many eye doctors in order to get my vision fixed up. I finally am having my first eye surgery on left eye next week. I plan to catch up with my blog while I'm recovering :)