Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strung Out on Gardening

Like many other gardening enthusiasts, this spring I have been busy planting and potting every last square inch of my tiny yard with bounties of herbs, vegetables and flowers. I get extreme pleasure watching things grow, the beauty of flowers and being able to cultivate my own small amount of veggies. To say I have a limited amount of space would be an understatement. A few months back I discovered the hanging string gardens of Fedor, a young Dutch landscape artist and fell in love immediately. There's just a perfect Zen feeling with these clumps of moss and grass that host every kind of plant, flower or vegetable. They are inspired by Kokedma, a Japanese style of hanging gardens that I also knew nothing about. With all this inspiration, I am determined to try my hand at this sometime this summer. These gardens are irrigated in several ways, with a glass built-in reservoir, an artificial root made from moss which transports water to the ball or with a drip system that keeps the netting damp. You can also follow String Gardens on Facebook for frequent updates on projects.

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