Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food Tells a Story

It’s no secret that I love good food, typography and great graphics. When the two collide and tell a story, it becomes an art event mentally, visually and on your tongue. Chef John Sedlar is making magical and thought-provoking dishes such as these at his restaurant Rivera in downtown LA. From Rivera’s website: “Food tells a story. One sight, one scent, one taste, one bite and it can evoke whole worlds of memory and transmit experiences and truths that words cannot convey. We eat with our eyes and minds as much as with our mouths. Food is powerful. It sustains body and soul alike. It captures the essence of entire cultures and countries. Food unites us. A shared experience, it overcomes differences and distances to form common bonds. It is a dynamic vehicle for human understanding. These are the principles that guide Rivera. Through food and drink, the restaurant relates and celebrates the story and spirit of Latin culture around the world, from the past to the present day and on into the future. It aims to empower both body and spirit, to provide a convivial experience that leaves its guests pleasurably transformed.” Love the whole concept and execution, after having had the pleasure of eating his food at prior restaurants, I really am looking forward to a meal at Rivera.


Dave Rad said...

Wow that is very cool! Imagine a restaurant where each dish told a story though its design - what a conversation starter that would be!

david john said...

ive been meaning to check this place out for sometime now! heard the drinks are really good too!

design nomad said...

I have to go if for nothing else, those flower tortillas! Can't believe I still haven't eaten there with all my dining out.