Monday, October 5, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

Had to get out of my funk this weekend and clear my head, so I headed off to the beach and Getty Villa with my camera that had been collecting cobwebs since last May. I ended up spending most of my time by the fish ponds taking photos, enjoying the first cool weather of the fall. Dinner with friends later at Top Chef Stephan Richter's LA Farm was great and the food was exceptionally attractive. My dining friends & I have become food paparazzi, unable to control ourselves when waiters bring course worth ooing and ahhing over. The table lights up with flashes of light and at least here, in Los Angeles, restaurants now know that bloggers are busy photographing every dish that hits the table before actually consuming the food. Sometimes this results in a great photo, my oyster shot being one of those. That oyster perched atop a bed of salt with an emerald "pearl" of absinthe gelatin just knocked me out in it's presentation. Result of days' activities, a slight attitude adjustment in the right direction.

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