Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going to Need Food Rehab

I'm going to need some serious food rehab, as MyLastBite put it so well today, we are going to go through "Ludo Withdrawal". Tonight marks the end of a food-lovers dream with LudoBites shutting down for the summer after a wonderfully successful 3 month pop-up food event with chef/artist-in-residence Ludo Lefebrve. He & his wife Krissy created an atmosphere that quickly became the only place you wanted to eat dinner at, he would talk about his inspirations for the night's menu on Twitter and made sure he met every one of his customers (between cooking) all with the feeling you are eating at their home. I mean really, who else in the world could teach me how to make charcoal oil or put curry or wasabi in my dessert? Who else can combine cantaloupe, chorizo & smoked paprika in a soup and make my eyes roll back in my head? Ludo has ruined us by cooking food that is so memorable, one finds it hard to even eat the next day for fear of blandness in everyday food. For now I plan really studying & making some of the recipes in his cookbook Crave. We have been assured he will be back by mid-October in a new location and for now I wish he & his wife a most relaxing vacation. Follow him on Twitter @chefludo.

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Revolution Vintage said...

he's hot!