Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Dusted

This summer has been particularly rampant with spider webs. I encounter them daily: on my side view mirror of my car, outdoor trash cans, my window screens and far too many places in the house. I normally attack these with my nicely designed Kone dust buster which does an okay job for a few minutes and then poops out, not to mention the tiny dust basket inside gets overflowed very quickly. Then I have to get out the Animal Dyson for big jobs which I love and marvel at every time I use for it's power and fantastic design but is big and not as handy as a handheld. Now Dyson has answered my everyday cleaning dreams by releasing the DC-31 handheld Dyson. Powered by a Dyson digital motor which is small, light and power efficient, it spins 5 times faster than a racing car engine. Looking like a space-age power tool, I cannot wait for it's release in September. See ya, cobwebs and spider webs.
Photo above left: Bartholomew Cooke, LA Times Magazine

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