Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The ABCs of Lead

I love tiny intricate things, probably because I've been wearing glasses for extreme near-sightedness (and later contacts) since I was six years old. When I first saw the art of Dalton Ghetti, it was a case of instant fascination. Dalton is an inspired and gifted artist from Connecticut who carves tiny works of art into pencil lead and his series of the alphabet is something to behold. Be sure to click on the link and see more of his visually stunning work. (Via Design Sponge)


Alexandra said...

These are totally unbelievable! Can you imagine actually sitting and carving these? Wow!

Krysta said...

My favorite people on earth are little people in glasses. I love them so very much. There's nothing I find more endearingly sweet than extreme near-sighted or far-sighted children!

Both of my sisters started wearing glasses in elementary school, which made me terribly jealous (??). More so because they got to choose new frames every year while I had to wait in the reception area.

There's an actual website dedicated to little one's with glasses: babieswithglasses.org

Now, if only humanity could figure out a way to make and market doggy eyeglass products. God, my heart would explode!