Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thumbs Off

Despite having had a pretty horrific accident this week (big glass water bottle fell & shattered in my hands) I have had to adapt to having only 9 digits available for use for what looks like 3 months. As mentioned in the prior post, I've been busily baking, designing labels and getting packaging together for the Eat My Blog charity bake sale when this all happened. Well, I'm proud to say after 3 days of hell I am figuring out how to do most everything without it and finding clever ways to keep it waterproof. I'm off to bake more of these Rosemary Honey shortbread wafers and call it a night.


Krysta said...

3 months? oh my. sorry to hear about your accident.

design nomad said...

Krysta-Thanks to this magic silver based healing gel I've been using, my thumb is making great progress. Still can't use it properly but getting there:)