Monday, March 29, 2010

Kitchen Alchemy

Who doesn't need some Umami paste or Inca Dust to charge up one's spice rack? I'm absolutely in love with the whole concept and exotic ingredients of Easy Tasty Magic created by food writer Laura Santtini. The Easy Tasty Magic collection of taste-enhancers stimulates the senses, both with modern and original flavor combos and beautifully clever approaches to packaging. Shown from top: Umami Paste, Alchemical Larder w/16 rubs & spices, a little vial of Inca Stardust (bitter chocolate, burnt orange and chili), White Mischief Rub (smoked China tea, jasmine, orange flowers, Facing Heaven chili & peppercorns). There are also Food Bling Mixed Metals, sprays and salts in the collection as well. All available online at

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