Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RIP Otto

Today I learned that Otto Heino passed away on July 16th. When I was a little girl and my Dad was studying architecture at USC, I was taken to many of his friends’ studios and workshops because I loved anything to do with art and being with my father. He met Otto and Vivika Heino at USC and became fast friends. I have fond memories of peeking into vats of brightly colored glazes and watching Otto and Vivika work on their beautiful pottery while my parents carefully selected a few pots to purchase. Somehow these pieces made it through raising 2 children and countless moves without a single chip. I treasure these vases, bowls and plates left to me by my parents and am blown away by how valuable and collectable they have become. I feel so lucky to have known him in my youth and have a few of his beautiful pots.

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Alexandra said...

I always love reading your take on midcentury everything, since you grew up in such a creative environment and met so many frontiersmen of that period through your dad!