Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guest Editor/All Modern: Magis Designs

Design Nomad is very happy to announce a collaboration with All Modern, a one stop source for all your modern & iconic home accessory and furnishing needs. Periodically I will be posting stories provided by the good people of All Modern and their Modern Design blog with interesting designer profiles, DIY projects and much more. Today we have a piece on the Me-Too children's collection from Magis Designs.

For the breadth of its 33 years of designing and manufacturing contemporary furniture, Magis Designs and its founder Eugenio Perazza has been ahead of the curve when it comes to many trends. They were among the first companies to create modern office furniture with domestic values and they also pioneered the use of injected plastic molding during the manufacturing process. Yet when unveiling the Me-Too Collection in 2004, Magis shocked many by redefining the concept of childrenís furniture by creating contemporary pieces that were not only stylish and attractive but would also engage and educate the child. This concept was the brainchild of Perazza and was further developed upon in conjunction with Edward Melhuish, the renowned Professor of Child Development at the University of London.

A great example of this philosophy is the Puzzle Carpet. Created by Indian/Dutch designer Satyendra Pakhale, it is a colorful carpet that is split into puzzle pieces, allowing for a child to build the carpet by hand. The most famous piece in this collection is the Trioli Chair, winner of the prestigious Compasso díOro prize. Designed by the acclaimed Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, the Trioli has won widespread praise not only for its contemporary and engaging design, but also for its versatility (it can be used as a regular chair, high chair, or a saddle rocker). The Me-Too Collection overall demonstrates that even though he has been around for a while, Eugenio Perazza and his stable of design talent still have the capacity to change the way we think about modern furniture and there is no doubt that we wíll see Magis break down barriers for years to come.

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