Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing Tag

The creative tornado and design diva that is Project Ecoart has  kindly tagged me to list “Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy.” The word ‘unimportant’ throws me a bit, so I ended up listing seven ordinary things that cause extraordinary happiness for me. I guess nothing is unimportant but there are many simple mundane things that make me reel with bliss.
1. Growing anything from seeds. I still can’t get over the joy of a new seedling popping out of the ground with the promise of providing flowers for the house, herbs for cooking & vegetables to eat.
2.  Beautiful typography
3.  Riding a horse, especially during the years of my double life as a cowgirl and art director (more on that at another time).
4.  The desert
5.  The warmth of a purring cat next to you
6.  Marshmallow Fluff, as Rachel Zoe would say, I Die!
7.  Gut-wrenching and beautiful architecture & the space it creates. It can literally take my breath away.
The rules of this are that I tag a few more sites to do the same and I look forward to seeing what they list: Krysta ......La Bloga


Project Ecoart said...

BRAVO!!! Excellent job and I can't wait to see you for lunch tomorrow.

Binx said...

Here's six things that are unimportant, yet make me happy:
1) Prada. I just love Prada. Whether it is going in the store, or a rare purchase of a product.
2) A big fat moon in the sky. Especially if it is orange
3) A really well-written sentence, especially if I wrote it.
4) Great wine
5) This actually may be important, but seeing Bruce Springsteen perform.

Krysta said...

lovely post, especially your take on architecture