Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going to Pot

When I was a little girl and my Dad was studying architecture at USC, I was taken to many of his friends’ studios and workshops because I loved anything to do with art and being with my father. He met Otto and Vivika Heino at USC and became fast friends. I have fond memories of peeking into vats of brightly colored glazes and watching Otto and Vivika work on their beautiful pottery while my parents carefully selected a few pots to purchase. Somehow these pieces made it through raising 2 children and countless moves without a single chip. I treasure these vases and bowls and am blown away by how valuable and collectable they have become. Otto is still throwing pots at 94 years old at their studio in Ojai-definitely worth a day trip up to Ojai.

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Omar (7D7 Studios) said...

enjoyed reading the article; how great that you have these pieces