Friday, May 9, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Procuring a decent lunch can be a challenge if like myself, you work at home and are very busy juggling multiple projects. Being a designer, this isolation is vital and the peace & comfort of working from home has countless benefits, except for feeding myself during the day. I’ve pretty much eaten my way through the menus at Urth cafe and Le Pan Quotidien (within walking distance) over the past years. Other neighborhood choices involve parking lot battles and crushing lines. So with the opening of Lemonade in my hood, my food needs have been met. Designed by Ana Henton, who clearly has a talent not only in architecture but graphics as well. It is a cafeteria-style lunch spot with wonderful fresh & savory options. I walked away with a Basque chicken stew, curried cauliflower salad, purple potato salad among other goodies. Good food in a good package!
Lemonade •  9001 Beverly Blvd. • West Hollywood, CA  • 310.247.2500

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Trendagitator said...

Thanks for dropping off the LEMONADE menu today. Trend Agitator will enjoy lunches here too! Your design blog is charming and a must-read for designphiles everywhere. Keep finding the cool in LA! :)